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Here with RVP, we try to give our home owners the best experience possible by making us the best renters you ever have had and ever will need. We have automatic rent payments set up so that you will always have your ret money on time so no more running after rent money. We take care of the property as if it was ours. Your property will also be protected with a Wi-Fi door lock on which the passcode changes between guests. 

As for our guests, we try to give them the best experience possible while on vacation or visiting family or friends. We try keep our rentals in tip top shape as well. Every property will have complimentary Wi-Fi and TV, be cleaned to your expectations, as well a kitchen stocked with cutlery, plates, cups and some basic cooking utensils. 

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Why Work With Us?


Automatic Rent Payment

Automatic rent payments will ensure that rent is never late which takes one more thing off of your mind when renting to us. 


Minimal Wear and Tear

Wear and tear on appliances will be minimal because guests are only there for a short period of time saving you money on appliances and maintenance. 


All Minor Maintenance Covered 

All minor maintenance is covered by us so you wont have to get out at 3 AM for a leaky sink. We will take care of the property as if it was our own. 


Professional Cleaning Service

After each guest has come and gone, the property will be profesionally cleaned. It will be returned to its imaculate condition that we received it in - at no cost to you. 


Carefully Screened Short Term Guests 

Each of our guests that stay at your property is carefully screened before they are allowed to stay. Guests typically dont stay for more than 1-6 nights. 


No Additional Administrative Hassle

Sit back and relax while we to the work and you collect the rent every month. Also we're happy to give you some references. 

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